20 Best Freelance marketplaces to promote your services in 2021

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Coronavirus – or COVID-19 outbreak has caused an unseen situation in the freelance world. The spread of the virus all over the globe led many countries to go into lockdown and generated à real destruction for businesses across Europe and beyond. Instability dominates all the fields of life.

Impacts of Virus to the Labor market are considerable, many enterprises are taking the decision to slow down operations, many companies have reduced hours for their workers, some of them have lost their jobs or suffered falls in earnings.  The situation is alarming for the freelance community as well.

Having all this stormy situation in mind we’ve compiled à useful list of about 20 online marketplaces and job sites for freelancers in order to help our friends to find an easier way to a new freelance job. And if you’re looking for how to enhance your profiles and win more clients, check our library. This is an easy way to boost your profile with new certificates and gain some credibility.

1 Solid Gigs

Solid Gigs differs from other freelance platforms in the way that they have a huge library of videos, courses and lessons on how to better manage your freelance business : pricing your services, pitching clients, managing your finance or get better organised. They also offer some new downloadable tools every month like: templates, spreadsheets or scripts. Even more, freelancers receive 1% daily picked best jobs. It saves your time for hunting… Link to Official Website

2. People Per Hour

This platform is à whole international community of expert freelancers that companies can connect to. It is used by nearly 1 million businesses and 2.4 million freelancers all over the world. Freelancers can be hired by the hour or for the entire project. Companies can choose by receiving freelancers quotes and portfolios with their price. Each work when completed and received is rated. Official website.

3. Freelancer

This platform is helpful for small companies who need to get a very specific work done. They post a project and freelancers can bid on à work they can do. They have à active online communication system. Official website.

4. Upwork

This platform proposes a very useful and easy to use all matching technologie. It matches projects with freelancers who are looking to integrate long term or short term projects. It also has à very simple communication platform. This is very useful for both sides: companies looking to find à right person to hire and freelancers looking to work in projects targeting their specific skills. It contains à very large spectrum of chois from creative design to software development, or sales and marketing and so on.

5. Guidepoint

Guidepoint is a well-known and trusted platform in the business community, which provides their clients with rigorously selected self-employed talents, they call “Advisors” from all over the world. Only experienced Freelancers who pass their rigorous screening process are admitted on their list and can be proposed to their clients.

6. Toptal

Toptal is featured to help businesses find the best self-employed professionals of the world. Best companies hire the top (3%) Talent. It concerns developers, designers, financial experts and product managers. It’s not easy to get on the list. Freelancers have to go through a rigorous evaluation process to become part of this community but the projects to win are very interesting and profitable.

7. Aquent

Aquent Award-winning platform for freelancers which offers à high-quality freelancers adapted to marketing, digital, data, design, editorial projects. They strive to provide selected experts with at least 2 years of working experience. They are based in France, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, UK, USA/Canada.

8. Guru

Guru platform brings together employers with experienced freelancers from all around the world. Their community is already expanded to over 3 million users. This platform is built on a meritocracy system. They offer fair prices and lucrative projects.

9. Fiverr

Fiverr sets itself apart by allowing freelancers to represent their accomplished projects in order to catch the attention of potential clients all over the world. Self-Employed professionals can also find some advice and courses on how to manage the freelance business. On how to pitch the client, on pricing, marketing and so on.

10. Freelancer Map

Freelancer Map is à very active platform, offering multiple projects for freelancers in so many domains such as design, engineering, SAP, marketing, consulting, programming, accounting and finance. Freelancers can showcase their experience and skills, creating their free profile, they can also apply for as many projects as they want and, best of all, it is totally free there are no commission fees.

11. Twago

Twago differs from other freelance sites with their safe paiement system called SafePay Escrow account. This innovative system receives à lot of compliments from the clients. The project amount being deposited into this account and then released to the freelancer once the provided services has been approved.

12. Brigad

The Objective of Brigad is to bring together companies with the skilled freelancers working in the hotel and catering section. It is French-Based freelancer platform. It’s great for everyone who’s looking for flexible work conditions.

13. Euro Freelancers

Euro Freelancers is working to provide high quality collaborative consulting services in public or private projects. Their selected independent consultants, lawyers, or economists assist in seeking private investors, fulfill EU grant/tender applications, project implementation, and fundraising. Report on European policy developments on how it affects different, private or public sectors.
This platform streaves to connect their brightest independent professionals to projects that are seeking to find funding (in private or public sectors) across european countries or industries.

14. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is the platform allowing freelancers and contract workers not only to browse freelance or contract work jobs in their nearby location, but also offers some useful tools on building an online resume.

15. Malt

Malt is a french freelance platform working to connect companies with qualified freelance experts mainly providing, tech and data development, marketing and communication, web and graphic design services. Independent high-rated workers across France, Germany and Spain are active to advertise themselves, companies can search individually for best matching profiles or receive matched profiles on demand.

16. Movemeon

The movemeon platform is made for very experienced, top rated freelancers. They are streaming to connect the expert freelancers with interim or permanent jobs. À lots of startups are on the list as well as PE/VC, other projects consulting firms and corporates.
It’s based in France, UK, Asia and DACH.

17. Wewhodo

Wewhodo is London’s first 100% freelance based consultancy. Clients can hire selected experts from Wewhodo’s community individually or they can combine a high-performing team adopted to their specific needs.

18. Projectwerk

Projectwerk is a German based freelance platform which helps entrepreneurs to represent themselves and to find their clients. They have à very large, available project list. Over 1000s jobs offer to choose. Project companies are using this site very actively as well, searching their most suitable service providers.

19. Freelancers in the UK

This UK based freelancer platform offers à large spectrum of jobs in very different categories. Self-employed experts are free to hit the job by contacting the hiring company directly. They can propose themselves by sending the potential client their finished projects, or presenting their rates and discussing other details. Freelancers can also advertise themselves by uploading their profile to the appropriate category.
It is an effective and trusted Platform for freelancers, consultants, designers, loyers, financial experts, proof-readers etc. 

20. Worksome

Worksome proposes effective and flexible recruitment solutions for contractors or independent workers. They use à rating system which ensures high quality freelancers services. They also use à matching system permitting to propose the most suitable profile to their clients. Job posts are free.

And that’s it. Here is our selection of the 20 best freelance marketplaces to promote your services. Want to stand out and boost your freelance profiile? We have some shortcuts. Check our library of certification exams helper files. Boost your profiles easily and win more clients.