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Amazon DSP Advanced Certification Assessment Answers
Amazon DSP Advanced Certification Assessment Answers
Amazon DSP Advanced Certification Assessment Answers
Amazon DSP Advanced Certification Assessment Answers
Amazon Sizmek Ad Suite certification answers
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Below is a short list of some selected example questions you could expect during Amazon advertising certification exams (not intended to include all of them here).

  • You can securely transfer audiences from third-party insight providers (DMPs, etc.) to Amazon DSP via Amazon’s Advertiser Audiences. Which of the following statements is true? Select All Correct Responses
  • Which of the following are short commands or shortcuts for commands passed to Amazon DSP to enhance ad line and creative monitoring capabilities externally, without the need to generate multiple third-party tag sets.
  • What advertiser insights can you use to build lookalike audiences?
  • Is it a best practice to select multiple private marketplace deals on the same line item?
  • This type of pixel can be generated by navigating to the events tab in Amazon DSP.
  • If you have an existing server-to-server integration with a third-party measurement provider, you must use the adapter URL Amazon Ads provides, you cannot use a pixel.
  • If you want to control your pacing and performance trade-off for your advertising campaign, what is the best option to choose in order settings?
  • Which audience type drives consideration for your brand, by engaging users that have regularly demonstrated shopping behaviors reflective of broad interest groups, like tech enthusiasts and foodies.
  • Amazon Advertising tag (AAt) supports conversion insights. Therefore, you do not need to use a simple conversion pixel for conversion insights, optimization, and reporting.
  • A customer views an ad, clicks on the ad, and then makes a purchase. What type of activity is this?
  • Which of the below is NOT considered a conversion metric?
  • Which auction type is a digital buying model where the highest bidder above the floor price wins the auction, and pays exactly the amount they bid?
  • Amazon Garage, Twitch, Whole Foods Market, and Amazon Fresh stores are examples of which type of audience?
  • You can append a third-party tags to a mobile Amazon Ads owned and operated creative to enable you to pull viewability reporting in the third-party’s portal.
  • Which of the following are reasons your private marketplace deal may not be bidding? Select All Correct Responses
  • Creative macros can be used to allow third-parties to view metrics to provide greater visibility into third-party creatives served through Amazon DSP.
  • All lines in an order are opted into budget optimization, but the most efficient line has the lowest allocated budget. What is an optimization you could make to help allocate more budget to that top-performing line?
  • You can set up a private marketplace deal manually or through an API.
  • Which of the below scenarios is correct based on the below shopper journey for ads served in Amazon DSP?
  • Bree has set up a campaign in the Amazon DSP which utilizes a deal ID. What supply is she leveraging?
  • True or false? Amazon makes decisions around ad policy in favor of long-term benefits rather than short-term profitability.
  • A customer views an ad on April 1st, clicks the ad on April 4th, views the ad again on April 7th, and purchases the product on April 9th. Which of the following receives the credit for conversion?
  • The reporting and analysis hub transforms which two reports into a graphical analysis of campaign reporting?
  • The World Times, a publisher, has set their inventory’s price floor to $1.05. Advertiser A bids $0.93, Advertiser B bids $1.14, and Advertiser C bids $1.19. What is the most likely outcome in a second-price auction?
  • The World Times, a publisher, has set their inventory’s price floor to $1.00. Advertiser A bids $0.89, Advertiser B bids $1.04, and Advertiser C bids $1.11. What is the outcome in a first-price auction?
  • Which supply option should an advertiser select to access inventory from Amazon’s direct publisher integration?
  • When should an advertiser care most about brand halo metrics?
  • Which of the following are benefits of Amazon’s automatic optimization? (Select 2)
  • Which of these buying method provides advertisers higher priority to inventory?
  • Martina is managing a campaign that isn’t tracking toward the intended goal. What is the recommended approach?
  • A campaign had a ROAS goal of $3.50 or higher, and a CPM goal of less than $1.75. Using the following report, select the statement that is true.
  • Opal is introducing the Amazon DSP to her team. Which of the following points should she include in her presentation?
  • When shoppers click on an ad and are directed to an advertiser’s product detail page on Amazon, which customer flow is this?
  • Reid wants to review how well his campaign is performing toward an awareness goal. Which of these metrics will be most relevant to him? (Select 2)
  • Which of the following describes the viewability standard used by the Amazon DSP?
  • What does the ASIN selected for a display ad with e-commerce creative require in order to be within Amazon’s ad policies?
  • Why is a call to action (CTA) not allowed in the custom image of a display ad with e-commerce creative?
  • What is the value of Amazon’s pre-bid analysis? (Select 2)
  • Kris is managing a campaign where one of the line items is beating the performance goal, yet underdelivering. Which of the following is the recommended approach?
  • At which point during the campaign management timeline should an advertiser use manual optimization levers?
  • Why should an advertiser upload all creative asset sizes that are available during campaign set up?
  • Which of the following are variables that may affect campaign performance?
  • How long is Amazon’s lookback window from the point of conversion, used in reporting ad-attributed metrics?
  • Hong has launched a campaign for his client which will run for 60 days. When is the earliest recommended time he should begin reviewing performance data toward optimization?
  • Antonio has a line-item that is under-delivering. Which of the following manual optimization tactics should he consider? (Select 2)
  • Joaquin is launching a campaign for his client, TinyFeet, and only wants to buy fixed-price inventory. Which of the following options should he choose?
  • Which of the following supply strategies may lead to better performance through the ability to scale and diversify formats and content?
  • Which advertising method may involve real-time bidding?
  • Using the following report, which audience segment might the campaign manager choose to add to their targeting approach?
  • Which of the following is the recommended optimization strategy for line items that are performing and delivering above goal?
  • Which of the following is not a benefit of ARA Premium?
  • Allido, Inc. sells products on Amazon that they store in their own warehouse. Amazon carriers collect the products from Allido’s warehouse in order to ship them to customers. Which shipping method is this describing?
  • Fabian is checking his client’s product detail page for retail readiness. Which of the following issues should he flag as needing improvement to be considered retail ready?
  • Raphael is an advertiser at a regional apparel retailer. A strategic initiative is to expand their brick-and-mortar presence to new locations next year. Which part of ARA Premium would be most useful for him to review?
  • Jeremy needs to confirm whether his client, a seller named Comps Now, is presenting the Featured Offer for a specific product. Where should Jeremy look?
  • Which of the following is included on a product detail page?
  • What factors should be considered by a seller when selecting a selling plan in Seller Central?
  • Kendrick prefers to manage storage, logistics, and shipping for products he sells on Amazon. Which shipping method is he using?
  • Nina is setting up an advertising campaign for her vendor client. What access and permission will she need to manage their product detail pages?
  • What is the guiding principle behind all Amazon retail programs?
  • What section of Vendor Central allows users to access Amazon Vine?
  • Which type of selling partner must be invited to sell on Amazon?
  • True or false? Once a vendor sells their products to Amazon, they no longer need to access Vendor Central.
  • What is the name of the portal that Amazon sellers use to create listings, manage orders, and correspond with buyers?
  • Which of the following is NOT included in the retail readiness checklist?
  • Match the retail program with its description.
  • Where in Vendor Central can a user find recommendations to improve their business and increase sales?
  • Which of the following best describes conversion share?
  • What should a Vendor Central user update to enable customers to discover their products using the search bar?
  • What is the minimum star rating a product should have to be considered retail ready?
  • True or false? A minimum of 4 product images is suggested for a product to be retail ready.
  • Zoope, an Amazon seller, launched a new product last week that has 7 reviews. What is the suggested method for them to improve the retail readiness for this product?
  • What does it mean for a product to be considered retail ready?
  • Which of the following action(s) can a Vendor Central user take to manage products?
  • What is Amazon’s version of a SKU (stock keeping unit) that is used to identify unique products on Amazon?
  • Athletica Shoes sells their inventory directly to Amazon, whereas Shoez owns their inventory and uses Amazon to list products for sale. Which company is an Amazon vendor?
  • How could a Seller Central user benefit from the information found under the Performance section of the navigation bar?
  • Chantell, a seller on Amazon, wants her products to be visible when shoppers select the Prime filter during their search process. Which shipping option should she use?
  • How is advertising cost of sales (ACOS) calculated?
  • Which of the following choices would likely require the highest bid amount?
  • Which of the following is an example of a brand halo conversion?
  • Printava used their keyword report and found that most of their keywords were performing well. However, they noticed several keywords with very high ACOS. What can they do to reduce the amount of clicks they are paying for?
  • Which two variables are used by the auction to determine which ad will display?
  • Examine this product detail page. Which of the following elements is not retail ready?
  • Which of the following is an optimal main image?
  • Which of the following search terms would be considered an exact match for the keyword “artist easel?”
  • Which of the following is NOT included in the retail readiness checklist?
  • What does it mean for a product to be considered retail ready?
  • Which of the following ACOS indicates the more efficient advertising campaign?
  • True or false? Sponsored Products allow you to target by keyword, ASIN, or category.
  • Which keywords may offer a larger amount of impressions with higher search volume?
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