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Android Enterprise Certification Program was recently updated. Now, there are 3 different certificates – Android Enterprise Associate Certification, Android Enterprise Professional Certification and Android Enterprise Expert certification (requires to pass 3 activities with multiple quizzes). We have bundled everything you need to earn all 3 certificates. All certification exam answers, and activity answers needed to unlock Android Expert certification program. 6 files in total. In addition, we added a new Google Play certification exam answer file. So, 7  files included in this offer.  All possible questions.

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Amazon DSP Advanced Certification Assessment Answers
Android Enterprise Professional certification program answers (new)
Android Enterprise Professional certification program answers (new)
Android Enterprise Associate Certification Answers (3)
Android Enterprise Associate Certification Answers (3)
Twitch Gameplan Certification Exam Answers

Available Certification By Learning Console

You must first complete an available certification program to become Amazon Advertising certified. By completeing, I mean jpassing the certification exam. You can skip an entire learning path, pass the exam, and you’ll get an amazon certificate. The learning console offers six main certification programs:

1. Amazon DSP

With the Amazon DSP certification, you can validate your skills in programmatic advertising through managed-service and self-service options. This certification is ideal for advertisers and marketing professionals who want to optimize campaigns, understand campaign reporting and adhere to ad policy standards on the platform. The course covers Amazon DSP supply, targeting users, optimizing campaigns, and reporting.

2. Amazon DSP Advanced

The advanced certification builds on the knowledge of programmatic advertising and is targeted at digital buying professionals who manage campaigns across various channels. Topics include bid strategies, third-party integrations, bulk sheets, and best practices for optimizing Amazon creative.

3. Amazon Retail For Advertisers

This certification is ideal for those who are responsible for driving performance-based sales and traffic through Amazon’s retail business. Through this program, you will learn about campaign setup and optimization strategies that help maximize ROI while maintaining brand integrity and increasing market share.

4. Sizmek Ad Suite

With the certification assessment, you can evaluate your competence in the multichannel ad server. Then, you’ll be able to customize, measure, and optimize campaigns across various screens. This will ultimately help you improve your advertising efforts and reach your target audience more effectively.

5. Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are a powerful tool for advertisers looking to promote their products or services on Amazon. With this certification program, you will gain expertise in creating and optimizing sponsored ad campaigns that help you connect with the right audience at the right time.

6. Twitch Gameplan

Twitch is one of the largest gaming platforms on the web, with an engaged community of gamers who regularly tune in to watch live streams and broadcasts from some of the biggest names in the industry.

The Twitch Gameplan certification is designed for those who want to demonstrate their proficiency in advertising on the live streaming service. It will help to understand better how to use Twitch advertising products and solutions.

These certification programs have their own set of requirements and training materials to help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge for success in digital advertising on the Amazon platform. Additionally, many of these programs offer online courses or webinars that are typically self-guided, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

If you are interested in becoming an Amazon Advertising certified professional, start by researching the available certification programs and choosing which one is best suited to your skill level and interests. You can achieve success as an Amazon Advertising expert and earn an Amazon with hard work and dedication.


1. Who Can Get The Certification?

It is available to anyone interested in becoming an accredited expert in Amazon advertising.

2. What’s The Cost?

It’s free, and you just need to have an Amazon account to take the exam.

3. What Are The Benefits?

Being certified will help you build your credibility in the field and open up a range of exciting career opportunities. It can also help you boost your sales on Amazon by making the most of their powerful advertising tools. So if you’re looking for a way to drive more traffic, increase visibility, and grow your business, getting certified could be the perfect solution.

4. What’s The Time To Complete Assessment?

The assessment consists of a series of questions that must be completed within 120 minutes. You cannot stop the timer once you begin, so you must work quickly and accurately. If you do not complete the assessment within the allotted time, you will receive an automatic failure and must retake it 24 hours later.

5. Does The Badge Expire After Some Time?

Yes, the certification will be valid for 12 months from the date you pass the assessment. After this time, you will need to retake the exam to continue using your accreditation.

6. How Is The Exam Scored?

Your score will be calculated based on how quickly and accurately you answer questions, with higher scores reflecting better performance. You must achieve a score of at least 80% to pass the assessment and receive your accreditation.

Below is a short list of some selected example questions you could expect during Android Enterprise certification exams (not intended to include all of them here).

  • Device management is widely used by organizations around the world. Which of the following is not an Enterprise Mobility use case that you probably often see in your daily life?
  • Bank Corp has a mixture of use cases in their organization. They have selected Android devices as their default choice for work. What are some of the management modes available to them? Select All Correct Responses
  • You have already selected the appropriate device required to meet your end-user’s requirements. What are the next stages of implementing the appropriate mobility solution for your end user? Select All Correct Responses
  • What are the stages of implementing a mobility solution?
  • Which of the following help to protect Android devices against security vulnerabilities? Select All Correct Responses
  • When deploying managed devices, there will be a few different organizations involved with a different roles and responsibilities. Which of the following parties is required to provide networks, supplying and distributing devices?
  • Who can add devices to a customer’s zero-touch account?
  • How often does Google issue Android security patches?
  • You are talking to Bina, the CIO of Sales LTD. They are concerned that apps on Android share data by default. You realize they could benefit from understanding Application Sandboxing a little better. How would explain this concept to Bina?
  • Using an Android Enterprise EMM solution, IT admins can set up and apply over the air (OTA) system updates to devices under management. They also have the ability to decide when these updates are pushed out to the devices OTA in order to test them prior to being released. What are the options for IT admins to push out these updates? Select All Correct Responses
  • Android Enterprise creates “defense in depth” by using four layers of protection. Identify the two of these layers from the given list. Select All Correct Responses
  • Which Android Enterprise device enrollment method requires little to no interaction with an end user’s device from IT?
  • What is the key benefit of the Google-built Android Enterprise Recommended program for Enterprise users?
  • Lulu, the head of procurement for Bank Ltd, wants to purchase premium devices for their executives. They want to allow personal use on these devices, respecting the privacy of users but also being able to maintain control. What management mode would you suggest to Lulu?
  • Which of the following is NOT a part of the zero-touch enrollment process?
  • When can a customer get access to the zero-touch portal?
  • One of the use cases that Android Enterprise offers is to allow the use of both personal and work in one device using work profile. What is the benefit of work profile?
  • Jana from Sales Ltd is worried about custom operating systems or malicious code being installed on her fleet of managed devices. You remember the concept of verified boot from your Android Enterprise training. How would you explain Verified Boot to Jana?
  • Steve, from Scuba School, wants to buy 10,000 new Android smartphones, send to his online students around the world and have them set up the devices automatically by just turning the devices on and connecting to a wifi network or cellular network. What does Steve need to make this happen? Select All Correct Responses
  • Zen, an existing zero-touch customer, wants to purchase devices from a new reseller. What is the process he needs to follow to have his new devices enrolled in zero-touch from the new reseller?
  • What are the “DPC extras” configurations used for?
  • Bank Corp is looking to deploy 3000 Android devices using zero-touch. What are some of the benefits of this type of deployment?
  • You are talking to the procurement officer of Bank Corp. He asks about the Android Enterprise Recommended program and the device types that are listed. What are some of the device types that part of the Android Enterprise Recommended OEM program?
  • What are the common security threats to implementing a mobility solution in business? Select All Correct Responses
  • Mika, a new marketing intern, has enrolled her personally owned device into her employer’s EMM solution, known as the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) use case. What can Mika’s IT manager do on her device in this case?
  • How can a business ensure that mobile workers can safely reach internal company websites?
  • Which of the following provides 24/7 mobile security that scans apps and devices, detecting and blocking malware to protect users from the latest threats?
  • The App Defense Alliance was created to ensure the safety of Google Play. What appropriate action can be taken to protect users?
  • What criteria can be used to search for devices on the zero-touch portal?
  • Which of the following devices are compatible with zero-touch?
  • What would be a good feature to discuss when talking to a customer about using a personal device for work?
  • When deploying wifi only devices with zero-touch, what information is needed from the devices?
  • Who can remove devices from the zero-touch portal?
  • Mobile threat protection services are built into every Android device. Which of the following Google Services keeps us safe while browsing websites?
  • Greg works at Company Sales Ltd and has asked you to enrol all their devices into zero-touch to ensure they cannot be used if they were lost or stolen. You realized that Company Sales Ltd does not have an EMM. What should you recommend to Greg?
  • Which of the following is required for zero-touch enrollment to work on a registered device?
  • Which of the following defines zero-touch?
  • Which of the following is required from customers for the reseller to be able to create a zero-touch account for them?
  • Which of the following is NOT a benefit of zero-touch enrollment?
  • Liz, a customer, wants to turn on her zero-touch device for the first time. What does she need to do?
  • Which of the following statements is correct in relation to Testing Tracks for private apps?
  • Phone Ltd. is building a new device with Android 11. Which of the following accurately describes the steps needed for them to obtain a GMS license from Google?
  • What are the steps to setup Managed Google Play? Select All Correct Responses
  • Which of the following is a network consideration when deploying Android Enterprise?
  • After an internal review of a potentially compromised BYOD device, its determined that the user side-loaded a malicious app on the personal profile that harvested their contacts. Why was none of the data in the work profile accessible?
  • What are the benefits of Google-Hosted applications as opposed to Self-Hosted Applications?
  • Android devices with an implementation of the Keymaster HAL that resides in a hardware security module use true random number generators (TRNG). What is one of the advantages TRNG has over pseudo-random number generators (PRNG)?
  • Who can use Managed Google Accounts?
  • Which of the following could potentially be a Managed Google Account?
  • Which of the following files do you upload to Managed Google Play while publishing a self-hosted application?
  • Which is NOT an Android Enterprise Recommended program core requirement?
  • What are the provisioning options supported for company-owned devices during initial setup? Select All Correct Responses
  • Anthony is approaching Customs in a foreign country and and is immediately asked for his Android phone. What can Mike do very quickly to help secure his phone?
  • When can you use Managed Google Account? Select All Correct Responses
  • Which of the following features in Managed Google Play confirms users can only install apps you approve, ensuring a secure app deployment strategy? (Select 2) Select All Correct Responses
  • How do you perform an Enterprise Binding?
  • What is AOSP?
  • A very popular public app on Google Play is perfect for your inventory use case. You want to use the camera function to read bar codes, but do not want the users to annotate via the voice function in the app. Is there a way to turn off the voice feature?
  • What are the three ways to publish your company private applications in Managed Google Play? Select All Correct Responses
  • Which deployment method is not supported for work profile company owned devices during initial setup?
  • Which two statements given here are correct regarding the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)? Select All Correct Responses
  • Which of the following enrollment methods are not considered secure when deploying Android Enterprise devices?
  • An Admin wants to setup a policy to check devices for known PHAs during the enrollment process to prevent enrollment of devices with malware. What Google Security Service would the Admin use to accomplish this?
  • Verified Boot has been on Android devices since version 4.4. Mark, an attacker, installs a custom bootloader on a stolen device with Android version 8. When it boots up, Mark sees an error on the screen that the device cannot boot. What is preventing the device from booting up?
  • What are the three update modes available for Enterprise? Select All Correct Responses
  • The Source and Distribution platforms are the important aspects in deploying trusted applications. What aspects should you consider while deploying apps? Select All Correct Responses
  • Which statement most accurately describes the CDD?
  • Which of the following are suitable for the QR code provisioning method? Select All Correct Responses
  • What process provides strong proof that a certificate being presented to a server for authentication from an Android device was stored in hardware and has not been compromised or spoofed?
  • Android uses Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux). What component of the SELinux kernel confines and reduces the impact of an exploited vulnerability to a single area?
  • A customer tells you they are concerned their custom app could be tricked to use a fraudulent certificate that gets installed on their Android devices. What technology would you discuss with them?
  • Which of the following is correct for Default update behaviour?
  • Which interface can you use to create and publish web apps into Managed Google Play?
  • Which of the following statements is incorrect about Private Applications?
  • Which of the following types of applications can you push to users from Managed Google Play? Select All Correct Responses
  • You are deploying Android devices into your retail stores to be shared amongst employees. You want to make sure no user data is on the devices when the users turn in their devices at the end of the day. How can you accomplish this?
  • You are deploying Android devices into your retail stores to be shared amongst employees. You want to make sure no user data is on the devices when the users turn in their devices at the end of the day. How can you accomplish this?
  • Its September 1st, start of the holiday season, and a customer wants to prevent an OTA update from being installed and potentially causing issues. Is there any help for the customer?
  • A customer has 5,000 Android 10 devices in warehouses that are not connected to the internet. How can the customer get an OTA update to the device if they are only on a closed network?
  • A customer has a requirement to enroll Android tablets with no Carrier connectivity. Additionally, they do not want use an open WiFi with a simple pre-shared password for the enrollment. Is there a solution to help the customer?
  • Which of the following best describes Managed Configuration, one of the features introduced in Managed Google Play?
  • What is managed Google Play?
  • What are the steps to setup Closed Testing track for your Enterprise applications? Select All Correct Responses
  • Identify the features that are related to Managed Google Play accounts. Select All Correct Responses
  • What are the identities that you can use for Managed Google Play? Select All Correct Responses
  • The mobility admin is nervous about DNS queries allowing enumeration of host systems on his network. What feature does Android have that can help the admin?
  • A new vulnerability has been reported and the IT admin of a company checks with his Mobile Operator to see if there is a Security Update. The Mobile Operator says they do not have one ready yet but it will be available soon. What other update mechanism can the Admin check? (Select 1)
  • What are some of the advantages of TLS 1.3 over previous versions? (Select 2) Select All Correct Responses
  • Which of the following is NOT a category of a PHA?
  • You deployed an app that transmits sensitive data and you require the app to use the VPN. In testing, you see that the app tries to connect without the VPN. How could you fix this?
  • A malicious application developer has decided to target Android users by creating a small puzzle app filled with malware. The goal is to get it on as many Android devices as possible using the Google Play Store. What are some of the reasons this developer will not be successful? (Select 2) Select All Correct Responses
  • Gomer has found a vulnerability in an application and has written an exploit to attack the app. What Android platform hardening technology helps prevent Gomers attack from working?
  • Android devices used in the US Federal Gov’t and many other Gov’ts around the world must go through the NIAP validation process. What security assurances does this provide? (Select 2) Select All Correct Responses
  • You have just completed a security presentation with Games Inc. The CIO appreciates your time but is asking for 3rd party validations that Android is, in fact, as secure as you are promoting it to be. What are some 3rd party validations and initiatives you can share with the Games Inc team to further boost their confidence around Android security? (Select 3) Select All Correct Responses
  • You have been in conversations with a U.S Federal agency around Android device security. The agency’s security team has just started to refer to a document called the STIG. What document are they referring to?
  • Sales Ltd is trying to enroll brand new devices using Android Enterprise and none of the devices will enroll. Helen, the IT manager, suspects the devices that were procured by a separate department might not have the right API’s. What are the right set of API’s Helen needs to confirm?
  • Google supplies security updates for Android every _____ days.
  • A forensics analyst has successfully rooted an Android 10 device and is trying to extract keys from the keystore with sophisticated tools. Why is she unable to extract the keys?
  • Mary leaves her Android phone in a Cab. John, the cab driver, is a nefarious character and tries to break into the phone versus returning it. He tries to install a custom version of Android on the device to gain access to Mary’s data. What security principal would prevent this from instance?
  • Choose two security services that come standard as part of GMS. Select All Correct Responses
  • The public health department of Google Town wants to use managed Google Play to deploy critical city applications that store public health records. Nina, the head of security has asked you to validate managed Google Play as a secure solution. What are some of the certifications the managed Play store has received that you could promote to reassure Nina? Select All Correct Responses
  • Glenn, the CIO of Bank Ltd. is convinced that Google Play is full of malware and he chooses not to deploy Android for that reason. What are some talking points you can use to educate Glenn on Google Play security? Select All Correct Responses
  • What encryption algorithm is required by Google for all modern Android devices?
  • Google mandates that Android 10 devices and higher to use File-Based encryption versus Full-Disk encryption. Why did Google set this requirement? (Select 2) Select All Correct Responses
  • Jake has configured SCEP to deploy certificates during enrollment of all Android devices. He wants to use a public app called “SalesEng”. How can he check to see if the app supports managed configurations?
  • Jana, the IT manager for Bank Corp informs during sales conversation that they will not allow any Google identities on the their devices because they are concerned about Google collecting user information from the devices. They would rather side-load all required applications manually. How do you proceed in this conversation?
  • Excerpt from Helpdesk/User Chat:
  • Acme Printing developed an app for their custom printers. A new developer joined the company to maintain the app. He made an update to the original APK and created a new app signing key for the update. What is the reason the APK will fail to be updated in the Google Play Console?
  • What are the two benefits that you would highlight for a customer looking to deploy applications via Managed Google Play? Select All Correct Responses
  • Mike, Head of Mobility Security at Bank Ltd, wants to disable all fingerprint authentication from devices. He believes that an image of the biometric data is extracted from the devices and stored in Google Cloud. Which of the following facts would you use to easy Mikes concern? (Select 2) Select All Correct Responses
  • What type of keystore implementation would prevent complicated forensic data extractions and analysis of lost or stolen devices for example, leaking information via power, timing, electromagnetic radiation, and thermal radiation examination?
  • What kernel protection mechanism helps prevent hijacking functions and pieces of code from apps and using those apps and their permissions to perform malicious actions.
  • Which of the following are NOT processes that the TEE performs (Select 2)? Select All Correct Responses
  • The Acme Wizard Phone using Android 8.0 was stolen by an attacker and even though the device was encrypted, the attacker was able to read the names of the encrypted files. Why?
  • Phone Ltd. wants to make sure their device offers the best in class security right out of the box. Which services do they need to make sure are built right into the device?
  • Which of the following features is not supported by Managed Google Play?
  • What are some of the App management features of Managed Google Play? Select All Correct Responses
  • Identify the best practices for using Managed Google Play Accounts for administrative purposes. Select All Correct Responses
  • Which deployment method is not supported for work profile company owned devices during inital setup?
  • How can an organisation ensure applications are only installed from known trusted sources?
  • What are the steps to submit apps from Managed Google Play iFrame? Select All Correct Responses
  • Identify the steps to publish an app from the Google Play Publishing Console. Select All Correct Responses
  • What are the provisioning options supported for company-owned devices during inital setup? Select All Correct Responses
  • In order for a device to be considered Android Enterprise compatible, it must comply with the Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), pass the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) and ________________. Select the correct answer, then submit.
  • Users are reporting that they cannot connect to their company’s WiFi. Which of the following pieces of information should be collected to eliminate the “Set device policies” watchpoint?
  • A new customer is looking to enroll dedicated devices running Android 7.0. Which methods of provisioning could they use to enroll the devices? Select the three correct answers.
  • A customer is reporting an issue when provisioning devices through zero-touch. By following the problem-solving framework, you have concluded that the core issue is related to the IMEIs. Whom would you contact to help resolve this?
  • “A few years ago Google initiated Project Treble to further improve how Android was updated and secured. Which of the following statements correctly describes how Project Treble contributes to device security?”
  • How do you create allowlist for public applications into your organization?
  • “Android provides flexibility to the ecosystem, which allows OEMs to build exclusive features on top of what Android provides. For example, ABC mobile is an OEM that has developed specific enterprise features built-in to the device, to differentiate their devices from another brand. However, one of the key challenges is the need for other ecosystem partners (like EMMs) to integrate these features, so they can be managed by the IT Admin (customer). What requirements need to be fulfilled by the OEM and/or the other ecosystem partners to address this challenge?”
  • “Nicky explains that Android is flexible and there are a few options for enterprises to host and publish their corporate applications on managed devices with managed Google Play. Which one of the following hosting and publishing methods are NOT supported by managed Google Play?”
  • “Tomoka, the IT consultant, is explaining to one of their customers that starting from Android 10, Android devices must use File Based Encryption and are no longer able to use Full Disk Encryption, File Based Encryption provides better security capability. Do you know how File Based Encryption works?”
  • One of your customers is concerned about security on their Android devices, specifically in regards to key generation, key import, signing & verification services. Which of the following security features of Android can you leverage as a good starting point for your conversation?
  • Some users are reporting that they cannot connect to the corporate WiFi. You notice in your EMM console that your WiFi certificate has failed to install on the affected devices. What might be the cause of this?
  • One of your customers is reporting that a subset of their devices is not getting provisioned correctly through QR code. You need to help them troubleshoot this issue. Which of the following areas should you look into when troubleshooting a provisioning issue? Select the two correct answers.
  • Using the bug report provided, please identify three User Restrictions applied to the work profile. Copy and paste the following link to open bug report 1:
  • What are the benefits of using Android Enterprise over Device Admin? Select the two correct answers.
  • What is one of the advantages of an OEM leveraging ‘OEMConfig’ for application development? Select the correct answer.
  • Your customer is reporting that users can enable Bluetooth, despite having set a company-wide policy that should disable Bluetooth. Which of the following would you choose to troubleshoot this policy issue? Select the two correct answers.
  • You’re provisioning dedicated devices, and notice that lock task mode policy is failing to apply on a subset of them. Which of the following tools would it be appropriate to use to troubleshoot the problematic devices?
  • A customer has developed a private application that is targeting API level 23 (Android 6.0). What will be the expected behaviour when they attempt to upload their app to Google Play?
  • A customer is uploading a new application to Google Play and wants to reuse the Application ID of another unlisted app. What is the expected behavior?
  • Your customer is reporting that some users can enable Bluetooth, despite having set a company-wide policy that should disable Bluetooth. Referring to the UserManager developers’ documentation, in which version of Android was support for disabling Bluetooth introduced?
  • Users reported that an app is crashing when launched from the work profile. What two pieces of information are critical to collect when escalating to the app developer?
  • Your customer is reporting that applications on a group of their devices are not updating consistently. You want to advise them on Android best practices around managing app updates from the Play Store. Which of the following are two of the default guidelines for updates to happen promptly? Select the two correct answers.
  • Your customer wants to ensure that their corporate browser always goes through VPN, but at the same time, they want to implement the best configuration to reduce unnecessary traffic over the corporate VPN. What VPN configuration would best fit the customer’s specific requirements?
  • Your customer is provisioning devices via zero-touch enrollment deploying multiple configurations. They report that a group of devices is not enrolling automatically into their EMM, while other devices have enrolled successfully. You have already confirmed that the devices are listed in the zero-touch console. The end-user reports seeing an EMM-branded screen on the device, but is unable to login. What would be the next troubleshooting step you would advise?
  • An OEM is looking to build new devices that will support a large enterprise customer, who wants to be able to leverage Android Enterprise functionality to manage their devices. What is the minimum requirement they need to comply with to support Android Enterprise?
  • You are uploading an APK via the managed iFrame, the APK uploads successfully. You go to the managed Play Store, the next day, to begin the app distribution process only to find the app removed from the store. What would be the reason for this?
  • Which API can EMMs use to deploy apps via Managed Google Play? Select the two answers that apply.
  • A customer reported that their applications are not being installed silently on their users’ devices. Which of the following troubleshooting areas should you consider when working on an “application install” issue? Select the two correct answers.
  • Using the bug report provided, please identify three non-System apps on the device. Copy and paste the following link to open bug report 2:
  • You are planning the staging of a large quantity of devices prior to distributing them to their final destination. Which of the following items should you be wary of when staging a large number of devices in one space?
  • Your customer is deploying devices that will be used at a university. One of the requirements is to monitor traffic for unauthorized content. They wish to implement SSL inspection to fulfill this requirement. What would be your recommendation based on Google’s best practices?
  • An Independent Software Vendor (ISV) has developed a private app for your customer. They uploaded it through the Google Play developer console, but your customer does not see it in their managed Google Play store. After doing some troubleshooting, you realize that the ISV has not correctly assigned the app in the Google Play console. Which of the following identifiers should you provide to the ISV so that they can assign the app correctly?
  • Your customer is deploying Android Enterprise on their Android 11.0 devices. They are in the process of testing their private apps on the new devices, and one of their applications is throwing exceptions. The same application appears to work correctly on Android 8.0 devices. How would you explain this behavior?
  • Your customer is trying to enroll Pixel 3 phones using zero-touch enrollment. Despite the device having an active connection to WiFi or data, the DPC isn’t downloading. Which is the appropriate troubleshooting step to take next?
  • One of your users is experiencing issues with their device. As their IT Admin, you need to retrieve the logs from the affected devices to troubleshoot this issue. Which one of the following approaches should you take, according to Google’s best practices?
  • What section of a bug report tells you if there is a work profile on the device?
  • Which of the following is a reason to choose Android Enterprise over Device Admin?
  • What API level corresponds with Andorid 11.0?
  • What is Fully Managed Device management mode?
  • “An in-house software developer of a company created two separate applications for two different purposes: User Acceptance Test (UAT) and a Production version. They need to publish the UAT version to a separate group of people within the organization, and there is no requirement for them to test the UAT and production version at the same time/side-by-side in the same device. They uploaded both applications in managed Google Play so their users can choose/install the version that they want. Do you think this is the best approach to test and publish applications in Managed Google Play?”
  • “An IT Admin asked to test a private application that was developed by a 3rd party ISV vendor to a certain group of testers within the organization. With Android Enterprise, what are the right steps/plan to execute this activity?”
  • Which section of a bug report tells you about application information/policies?
  • What two methods can you use to generate bug reports from devices? Select All Correct Responses
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