How to Become a Certified Microsoft Advertising Professional?

Let’s overview the Latest Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional (MACP) certification program and how to become certified faster. Looking just for the exam answers? Then click the button below.

Latest MACP certification answers (3 in 1)

Are you seeking an opportunity to expand your marketing expertise but don’t have any direction to take the initiative from? You could diversify your advertising skills following these simple steps, which could help you experiment and learn from the Microsoft learning lab’s enriching experience. An effective advertising campaign is crucial to any business, any industry.

You could start your learning journey with our various certifications to enhance your vision while introducing new advertising concepts. These certifications and badges could be earned and published on LinkedIn. Moreover, you could also become an active part of our training programs. These programs entail industrial experience communicated through the industry professionals.

Microsoft Advertising search ads certfication is one of the 3 exams you need to pass to receive a MACP badge. This Microsoft certification program was recently updated. Here is an oficial certification page.

How to become a certified microsoft professional

What is Microsoft advertising?

Formerly known as Bing Ads,  Microsoft advertising refers to a global platform that features all multiple search advertising campaigns spread across search Platforms such as Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. The traffic is considerably lesser than that of Google Ads.

How to get started?

Attaining Microsoft advertising certifications is mainly beneficial for gaining extensive knowledge concepts regarding Advertising principles what’s their implications in the practical advertising industry. These certifications are mostly segregated among the five major learning Paths. These paths have individual relevance to technical concepts within the advertising industry. What exactly are these paths?

Search advertising learning path 

This path shall provide an in-depth insight regarding search advertising. You would be able to correlate the relevance of placing your advertisement on various search engine pages. The landing page of different search engines accessed by users worldwide would provide very convenient and cost-effective brand exposure. This certification would lay the foundation for fundamental concepts and practices of search advertising. 

Native and display advertising 

This path would introduce fundamental aspects of native and display advertisements. After clearing this certification, the professionals would be able to differentiate between the traditional and modern advertising methods. This learning path would feature a full-fledged course collection with adequate study material for preparation and certification exams. After completing this certification, the professional would be able to comprehend the use case of native and display advertisements in patients of different brands. 

Shopping advertising learning path 

This certification would feature a comprehensive analysis and an introduction of key concepts regarding the best shopping advertising practices. You would be able to correlate the images with the best industry practices. This certification shall also guide the idea of shopping advertising concerning Microsoft advertising solutions.

Why take these certifications? 

To stay updated and well informed with the best industry practices, one could benefit from these certifications. These certifications provide extensive access to key concepts and crucial takeaways from the standard practices within the industry and form a subsequent communication with a network of highly learning resources of the industry. Collaborative learning opportunities such as joint training, meetings, and training exercises help pool the industry’s best resources alongside generating a more credible source of learning for every individual. 

How to acquire these certifications? 

Attaining these certifications have been made relatively easier through the microsoft advertising solutions platform. One needs to visit the microsoft learning lab homepage. 

After going through a well-demonstrated description of the key offerings of the certifications, the user is supposed to start a certification by clicking on the start button. After clicking on start and logging in with the credentials, the user will be provided with the entire learning material, including videos, multimedia slides, and general study material consisting of lectures from seasoned professionals. Once the courses and study material are absorbed, an exam is to be taken, which would comprise mcq-based questions. These questions are posted in the best possible manner to extract the absorbency level through its practical problem-solving approach. 

Once the candidate successfully passes this exam, they are awarded the certification. As an optional effort to eradicate errors and cement other concepts, the users could also take up a preparatory exam so that areas that need self-improvement could be assessed and analyzed accordingly. Taking a preliminary exam is an optional step; however, the following exam can be taken to ensure a favorable success rate. 

What is MACP? 

MACP is abbreviated for microsoft advertising certified professional. This status is attained when a person has successfully undertaken three offered certifications. The users must clear the individual examination for these three certifications. In the case of successful completion, the highest certification is attained, known as MACP.

Certifications for experts. 

If you are a thorough professional who has been in the industry for a considerable amount of time and has a good grip on the concepts and knowledge in the course, you need not go through these courses and educational courses. You could hop onto the examination page, where you could skip the study material and head straight towards the examination.

Undertaking a thorough course only to revise the learned concepts is not required for seasoned professionals in the Industry. They can take the certification exam to obtain their MACP status without indulging in grassroot level study of ideas. 

What can be done with these certifications and badges? 

These certifications could be considered a proper skillset for your professional career. The badges can be obtained instantly through Credly. These badges could be featured on your LinkedIn professional profiles adding to your employment and skill set portfolio. The change in the certification system has merely been done to expand the learning horizon for professionals seeking these certifications. An increased number of certifications are related to increased expertise throughout various learning paths that microsoft advertising solutions offer.

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