Google Certification

All Google Certification Exams Answers from Google Academy for Ads including Google Ads Certifications, Google Analytics Individual Qualification, YouTube certifications, Google Marketing Platforms exams, Digital Garage, and Google Smart Assessments

Google Ads

Google Ads (former AdWords) certification is available in Google Academy for Ads. Currently, this category contains 6 certification exams. Check our special Bundle offers if you need all of them. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (or GAIQ) is one of the most important Google Certifications. In Google Academy, it goes under "Get certified in other Areas" together with Mobile Sites and Digital Sales certifications.

a - Google Analytics Individual Qualification

YouTube Certification

YouTube Certifications is one of the most recent programs available also in Google Academy, Currently, 3 certification exams are available.     

a - YouTube Channel Growth Certification Exam Q&A

Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platforms Certification Exams (former DoubleClick) are also available in Google Academy for Ads. They are intermediate and advanced level certifications that require a good understanding of Google Products. 

a - Google Campaign Manager Certification Exam Q&A

Google Smart Assessment Answers

Google Smart Assessments are a new test format in Google Academy. You can earn your individual certificate by passing 4 available Smart Assessments in Google Academy for Ads. Don't be mistaken, they are quite difficult and tricky even they are not time-limited.

a - Google Measurement - 2018 Smart Assessment Q&A 

Other Google Certifications

Also, some other Google Certification answers. Google Digital Garage program which is available on Google digital garage learning center, and Google Waze from Google academy for ads.

Google Digital Garage Certification Answers
Google Waze Certification Answers