YouTube Certification Exams Pass service

YouTube Certification Exams Pass

We will pass all 6 YouTube certification exams for you – Video for Brand assessment, YouTube Music, Asset Monetization, Content Ownership, YT Channel Growth, and YouTube Creative certification exams. In addition, we’ll give you a special 30% discount coupon & send a free copy of one certification exam preparation guide with free updates.

  • 6 YouTube certification exams
  • 30 % one time discount code for our exam preparation guide
  • One free certification exam preparation guide
  • 24 hours delivery

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Certification exam pass service you can trust

We work hard keeping our exam preparation guides updated & consistently extending our library. For a limited time only we offer an exceptional certification exam pass service.


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I know. Your time is precious. Passing exams & renewing certificates will teach you nothing. Let us do the boring part. Focus on something what is really important. Or just relax. We'll save hours of your valuable time.

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Why Us?

You can find a "BlackHat" guy to pass the exams and share your credentials with him... Or you can choose the original & trusted source. Check the difference.

Secured Payment

Secured payment directly on the site. Powered via PayPal or Stripe. Clear refund policy. 100% satisfaction rate.

Trusted provider

More than 3 years in the market. Over 50.000 clients. We value our name & provide original content.

Fast delivery

We'll deliver your order in max. 24 hours. The average processing time is 2-6 hours. We're ready for a sprint.

Original source

We do not resell. We create. We are original source of exam preparation guides, explanations & updates.

We'll share

We'll provide a free copy or a significant discount depending on package.  FREE file updates.

Privacy Policy

We strictly follow our Privacy Policy. We never sell, share or rent your details such as an email. 

How does it work?

Check our typical 4 steps workflow. Or contact me directly if you have any questions or doubts.

1. Step. Choose Your Package

No matter you just need to pass one certification exam, or supercharge your profile with more than 100 different certificates. We have a tailored solution for you. Choose from our premade packages or request a special combination. Check our library if any doubts, any combination of supported exams is valid for our certification exam pass service.

2. Step. Secure payment

After you choose a service package, you could pay directly on the site via your credit card, Paypal, or Stripe. Completely secured checkout with clear refund policy. We highly recommend creating an account during the purchase process. If your service package is eligible for a free exam preparation guide as an extra add-on, we'll be able to push the file and all future updates directly to your account. 

3. Step. Credentials

To pass the certification exam for you, we'll need some credentials & minimal cooperation from your side. After your order confirmation we'll reach you via email to precise details depending on the most appropriate form to you or/and to confirm further details.

Note: In some cases your order can be delivered significantly faster if you provide the necessary information during the purchase step or via contact form. Check the common scenarios below.

Typical scenarios:

- 1. Scenario. You provide your existing account access to a certification vendor. For example, email and password to access Google Academy for Ads certifications. In this case, you should temporarily disable 2 step verification. Temporally changing a password before/or after is advisable. SEMrush, HubSpot, Klipfolio, Yandex, Bing Ads, Google Digital Garage, Hootsuite have less restrictive account access requirements. What do we need to deliver the service?  Your account email and password. This scenario is the most appropriate for work accounts or certification renewals when creating a new account is not an option.

- 2. Scenario. You create a new account within certification vendor. You can have multiple accounts in Google Academy for Ads, HubSpot, SEMrush etc. If you prefer creating a new account for certification services, we'll need access to that newly created account. New accounts usually don't have 2 step verification and are not linked to additional services. Make sure your name is exactly as you want to see on the certificates. Again, we will need your account email and password to provide the service. This scenario is the most common and is suited for people who are not confident sharing credentials of their main accounts.

- 3. Scenario. Sharing access, not a password. In some cases, the first 2  scenarios are not possible due to privacy restrictions or you do not want to share your credentials. And you don't want a new account. In this case, you can use protected access service like LastPass, KeePass, OneLogin etc. This will generally allow you to share the account access without sharing the password. The info we need to provide the service will depend on Password protection system you choose. This scenario usually could be bypassed by creating a new account and then adding a new account email as a secondary email to your main account.

- 4. Scenario. Teamviewer or other screen sharing solution. The service could be provided via a team viewer session in both ways, sharing our screen when delivering order, or sharing your screen and passing the exam from your computer. This scenario requires scheduling and could take longer. Usually not recommended for larger packages of multiple exams. In this case all we need is to schedule a screen-sharing session. This is usually done via Google Calendar and require up to 30 minutes per exam. 

 - 5. Scenario. We create the accounts for you. We can create new accounts in different certification providers, pass the exams and share the credentials of these new accounts with you. This is common scenario if you need multiple exams from multiple vendors but with an exception to paid certifications like Hootsuite. In this case, we just need your full name you want to appear on certificates. 

4. Step. Order delivery

After receiving all details depending on scenarios above we'll pass the exam or multiple exams for you. This usually will take 2-6 hours on average. But could exceed to max. 24 hours depending on time differences, exam pass service package. and in rare cases when the official exam is changed just after your order.

We'll send you an email confirmation when the order is completed. Also, we'll provide some extras depending on your package. Such as a free exam preparation guide with explanations, additional discount or other.

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