SEMrush Local SEO Exam Answers

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How do you know if you need Local SEO?

When you Google important keywords, the map pack is displayed. 

You have an online shop, and want to partner with the local storehouse. 

You often search for “pizza delivery” from your office.

There’s no difference in ranking factors between traditional and Local SEO, the only thing different is the signal weights.



Name the solid local link building strategy:

Event sponsorships 

Local meetups 

All of the listed 

Local bloggers 

Neighborhood watch sites

The most important content tip from Greg is:

Read your content out loud. 

Keep it short and sweet. 

Make sure it’s not a duplicate. 

Include the cities you service.

For Local SEO, citations are

A foundational signal 

The most powerful ranking signal 

Links that point to your business

The ideal review score is:

4.5 to 4.8 

A perfect 5.0 

4.2 to 4.5 

4.8 to 5.0

The Link Building tool allows you to discover whether an acquired backlink was indexed by Google. True or false?



You should reply to

Only negative reviews 

Every single review 

Only positive reviews 

Only a few positive and a few negative

Your Google My Business listing is

Only important if you’re a service-area business 

Not as important as it used to be 

Not needed if you have a website 

Basically your new home page

If you’re using the standard “What’s New?” template, Google Posts stay live for

One month 

7 days 


24 hours


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