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Twitter has recently added several new certifications (Twitter Badges) that you can earn on the Twitter Academy. They all are available for free on the Twitter’s learning platform here. Keep in mind that each Twitter assessment contains more possible questions than you get during the test. We’ve picked all possible questions for you. And verified answers to each of it.

Why? Because passing the exam won’t teach you anything. It’s not a workout. Nothing is bad to cheat a bit during the test if you’re honest improving your skills instead.

Also, note that all future updates are free. You can renew or repass your certification without any difficulties. 

6 Twitter badge assessments:

  • – Get Started On Twitter Badge Assessment
  • – Twitter Cross-Border Advertising Badge Assessment
  • – Twitter for Creatives
  • – Twitter Launch and Connect Badge
  • – Twitter Performance Fundamentals Badge
  • – #TwitterFlightSchool Video Badge
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Included in this bundle:

  • – Answers to 6 Twitter Assessments
  • – 100& correct and verified answers
  • – All possible questions
  • – Free updates

Overview of some file pages. 

All files are perfectly searchable PDF’s. You can open them directly in the browser or with any PDF reader. Simply ctrl+f the file and you will find all possible questions with a correct answers. 10 minutes to get certified.


twitter badge assessment answers file preview
twitter badge assessment answers file preview
twitter badge assessment answers file preview
twitter badge assessment answers file preview
twitter badge assessment answers file preview
twitter badge assessment answers file preview

Below is a short list of some selected example questions you could expect during Twitter exams (not intended to include all of them here, just if wanted to get familiar with exam format).

Get Started On Twitter Badge Assessment

  • The Twitter Rules are centered around three primary areas:
  • What are some good things to highlight in your pinned Tweet? (select three)
  • How many characters can be used in your Twitter Bio?
  • How many characters can be used in a Tweet?
  • True or False. On Twitter, the word ‘Tweet’ can be used as a verb or a noun.
  • Match the following terms to their definitions.
  • What are the types of enforcement that may be used if someone violates the Twitter rules? (select three)
  • Creating _________ are key in guiding you on how to plan and create relevant content.
  • ________ are a great way to drive engagement and learn more about what your followers like.
  • True or False. You can promote or encourage suicide or self-harm on Twitter as long as you disable replies.
  • What are the three types of content we recommend you create when trying to connect with cultural moments on Twitter? (select three)
  • What three things are essential to building a solid Twitter content strategy? (select three)
  • When you see a questionable Tweet in your timeline, how can you take action? (select four)
  • What are three things you can do to esnure your account stays secure? (select three)
  • True or False. If we take account against your account, you can appeal the decision through our Twitter Help Center.
  • What does TAD stand for?
  • ________ are a great way to tell longer-form, curated stories on Twitter.
  • True or False. People are allowed to create parody, newsfeed, commentary, and fan accounts on Twitter provided that the accounts follow certain requirements.
  • Tapping this icon allows you to change the content of your Home Timeline. You can choose to show the latest Tweets from the people and topics you follow or Top Tweets curated by us.
  • _________ are Tweets paid for by our advertisers.
  • True or False. You may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people. We also prohibit the glorification of violence.
  • What are the main ways to track your success on Twitter? (select three)
  • What feature allows you to tailor search results to specific date ranges, people, and more?
  • When searching Twitter, how would you see the most recent content related to your search term(s) that people have shared on Twitter.
  • When using Conversation Settings, what are the options you have for controlling who can reply to your Tweets? (select three)
  • True or False. In addition to signing up with your email address, you can also use your phone number when creating your Twitter account.
  • When creating video content, where should you place your logo?
  • What are some of the most basic ways to interact with content on Twitter? (select three)
  • _________ is a unique place within the Twitter UI that gives you instant access to topics and conversations that are popular amongst people on Twitter worldwide.
  • We believe the majority—if not all—of your content should be capped at _____.
  • True or False. You can grant different levels of permissions to multiple users, who will be able to access your Twitter Ads account while logged into their own personal handle.
  • _________ displays a stream of Tweets from accounts and Topics you’ve chosen to follow on Twitter.
  • What are the recommended dimensions for your Twitter profile picture?
  • _________ is a unique feature of Twitter’s desktop experience. Here you’ll find the latest Tweets and stories that are trending on Twitter.
  • How many characters can be used in your display name?
  • What tool allows you to create real-time audio conversations with other people on Twitter?
  • This dashboard features high-level statistics and is a gallery of your greatest hits.
  • If your account is compromised, one of the first things you should do is…
  • What are three ways you can improve your Twitter bio? (select three)
  • How can you ensure your parody account is in compliance with Twitter’s policies? (select two)
  • Every Tweet should use the hashtag #Parody
  • Where should you go for the most up-to-date statistics on the actions we’re taking on Twitter?
  • When writing your Tweets, you should consider… (choose three)
  • What tool gives you the power to decide who can reply to your Tweets.
  • Following ________ are a great way to stay on top of the conversations related to the subjects you care about most.
  • _________ should be an ever-changing billboard showcasing what’s new with your brand or organization.
  • A _______ is a message sent directly from one Twitter account to another.
  • A _______ is a topic or hashtag algorithmically determined to be one of the most popular topics on Twitter at any given moment.
  • When logged in to or via our mobile app, you can access on-the-spot analytics by finding and tapping on the ________
  • What type of content allows you to record an audio message and share it with your followers?
  • You may not use Twitter’s services for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes. This includes posting or sharing content that may suppress participation or mislead people about when, where, or how to participate in a civic process.

Cross-Border Advertising Badge Assessment

  • You are a first-time Twitter advertiser with a highly restricted budget. Which bid type should you choose?
  • You want to promote your citrus flavored sports drink to a wider International audience on Twitter. Choose the creative best practices you can apply in your video ads.
  • Which campaign objective can help your brand connect with 200+ premium publishers that align with your audience’s interests?
  • You are the CEO of a tech startup. You are uncertain about your target audience. You want to run a reach campaign on Twitter to promote your new time management app. You SHOULD do ALL of these things EXCEPT.
  • Which one is NOT a reason for creative localization?
  • What are the three steps for success in cross-border advertising?
  • You are a content creator who creates funny videos. You want to launch a campaign on Twitter to gain more followers in Australia. Please select all the correct strategies for your campaign.
  • What are the three simple rules of creative best practices?
  • You’re a food delivery service app, and you want to let your users know about a new “30 minutes or less” premium feature you’re launching in your app. Which campaign objective should you choose?
  • What are the three levels of your campaign structure?
  • You are an International sportswear brand. You want to launch your campaign in several different English-speaking countries (America, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) to promote your new line of sneakers. Please select all the correct strategies for your campaign.
  • In the @FootballManager example, how did @SIgames drive awareness across Europe to promote #FM21ReleaseDay?
  • You’re an experienced advertiser who knows how much you’re looking to pay per billable engagement at scale. Which bid type should you choose?
  • Why do you need creative asset optimizations when advertising on Twitter?
  • You want to expand your skincare brand to the markets in Germany and Austria. Currently, you only have the English version of your Twitter ad creatives. Select the right approaches to translate your English Creatives to German.
  • What are the benefits of frequency caps?
  • What are the three categories for objective-based campaigns on Twitter?
  • You’re about to launch your product in a new market and you want people to sign up for email updates by filling out a form on your site. Which Twitter campaign objective would help you accomplish this?
  • You’re launching a new restaurant franchise in a new market and you want to increase overall awareness of your brand. Which objective would be best suited for your campaign?
  • You’re a French clothing brand, you want to connect with your audience in America and invite them to a join conversation on this season’s color palettes. Which Twitter campaign objective would help you accomplish this?
  • What are the benefits of having different ad groups in your ad campaign?
  • What makes influential people on Twitter different from those on other platforms?
  • Your brand invented a new vegan burger. Your marketing team created a video ad targeting the audience in France. You want to direct your audience to your website to make the purchase. Please select all the correct strategies for your campaign.
  • Which of the following statements is correct?
  • Your game company is running a video ad to promote your new RPG game in the Japanese market. Your marketing team found that this game is most popular among teenage boys who are interested in Shōnen manga and anime. What are your targeting criteria?
  • You’re launching a product in a new market. The goal of your campaign is to drive consideration in hopes that people on Twitter will purchase your product. What type of campaign would be best suited to help you achieve your goal?
  • Which one is NOT one of the features of Ad composer
  • You are an American fashion brand that aims to expand to the French market. You created a French video ad to promote your new business casual design to young professional women between 20 to 40 years old. What are your targeting criteria?

Twitter for Creatives

  • What is media innovation?
  • Among the case studies we reviewed, what brand challenged Twitter users to an interactive “scroll race?”:
  • API Marketing Partners assist with the following goals: (select all that apply)
  • What are the essential elements of effective brand voices? (select three)
  • Your campaign goal is customizing video at scale. Which of the following choices is the most likely API solution?
  • In our case study, PedidosYa worked with an API Partner to develop a highly targeted campaign using:
  • A distinct brand voice allows your brand to: (select all that apply)
  • The best time to bring the in-house audience insight team into a campaign is:
  • What percentage of users rate Twitter “good” or “great” for brand interaction?
  • Which of the following are components of the OUI Framework? (select all that apply)
  • In Activision’s case study, the backbone of their successful Warzone campaign was:
  • The attitudes, tone, and substance of your brand’s content should be:
  • When defining your brand voice, first consider the brand’s:
  • Leading brands are more likely to evoke an emotional response in their audiences by a factor of:
  • In our case study, no name’s brand voice stands out because of its:
  • Thinking back to our case studies, what percentage of people on Twitter believe brands should affect positive change in society?
  • What are the two key use cases for when brands should always activate on Twitter? (select two)
  • Which element of a creative campaign should be developed first?
  • When your brand connects with what’s happening on Twitter, you can see lifts in: (select all that apply)
  • Twitter Advanced Search allows you to:
  • A Kantar study revealed the correlation between a brand’s cultural relevance and its purchase intent to be:
  • For more customized research or analysis that gives you a deeper understanding of how Twitter users really think and feel, consider working with:
  • Launches typically fall into the following categories: (select all that apply)
  • In our case study, no name’s Twitter handle isn’t a typical marketing channel primarily because it is a destination for:
  • According to a Bain study of global brands, marketers that hit their launch KPIs were more likely to include Twitter in their launch mix by what factor?
  • When it comes to conversation on Twitter, successful brands:
  • How does Twitter help you succeed through the funnel?
  • The number one reason people come to Twitter is:
  • What are three key strengths that characterize Twitter’s audience?

Twiter Launch and Connect Badge

  • Where should you place your logo throughout your video creative?
  • What is the minimum number of ad formats you should use to maximize your success?
  • What percentage of sales can be directly attributed to creative?
  • People on Twitter are often the first to try, buy, and…
  • What are the #ThreeSimpleRules for getting creative on Twitter? (select three)
  • Which launch phase involves fine-tuning details at the campaign level, including identifying target audiences, creating copy, and determining the campaign’s duration?
  • In general, how long should your Video Ads be on Twitter?
  • People on Twitter are… (select three)
  • What are the key themes of conversation?” is a question that helps define which of the following elements of a unique message’s construction?
  • To drive awareness for your launch campaign, your flighting should be at least ___________ long.
  • When you want to align with the topic, you can choose:
  • If you pre-produce assets based on what you know will happen and publish them when the moment unfolds so they “feel” real-time, you are creating:
  • Which of the following Twitter ad formats help you “go big on the reveal”? (select three)
  • Which of the following actions could lead your connect campaigns to 2X more engagement, 35% higher view-through, and 3X more cost efficiency.
  • Which of the following statements is correct about flighting strategy?
  • A successful connect strategy contains (select three):
  • The ways to connect on Twitter include (Select three):
  • How do Twitter’s takeover products help you achieve a successful launch?
  • Holiday seasons, International Women’s Day, and Valentine’s Day are all examples of what type of connect opportunity?
  • If you’re interested in significantly moving brand metrics, the length of your campaign should be…
  • To build cultural relevance for your brand, your messaging should be based on a combination of (select three):
  • Launch Leaders use a phased approach to their flighting strategy, which includes…
  • What are the five types of launches we identify on Twitter?
  • What do we mean when we say “connect” on Twitter?
  • What percentage of a consumer’s purchase decision is driven by their perception of a brand’s cultural relevance?
  • What do we mean when we say “launch” on Twitter?
  • Launch Leaders invest heavily leading up to their launch, spending on average up to ___ % of their total budget between the Tease + Reveal stages.
  • Why is it essential for your brand to be culturally relevant? (select two)
  • What are the five types of launch categories on Twitter?
  • ______________ maximizes your success by serving content before, during, and after your launch day.
  • Your goal for the reveal phase of your launch should be to…
  • Why are captions so important for your videos on Twitter?
  • Which ad format allows you to connect your content with over 200 brand-safe publishers?
  • True or False. Brands that invest early in building shareable content for their audiences tend to hit their Launch KPIs more often than those that don’t.
  • What are the three phases of the connect flighting strategy? (select three)
  • How many ad formats should you use to increase the probability of having a successful connect campaign?
  • When you want to be at the front and center of the topic, you can use:
  • Working from home, mindfulness, and activism are examples of which type of connect opportunity?
  • If you’re launching a new brand on Twitter, which metrics should you measure to judge your success? (select three)
  • What did Bain identify as a significant differentiator for brands that had successful launch campaigns?
  • Brands that hit their launch KPIs are ____ more likely to launch on Twitter.
  • What percentage of marketers report missing their launch KPIs?
  • What’s the advantage of running a connect campaign on Twitter rather than on other platforms?
  • On launch day you should…
  • Social video content should be designed for…
  • True or False: When choosing the best formats for your KPI, Video Ads with Conversation Buttons work best to build campaign awareness, message association, and intent.
  • ________ is a premium, single-day, “mass awareness” ad package of Twitter’s most valuable video impressions.
  • Why do people come to Twitter?
  • Award shows, music festivals, and sporting events are all examples of which type of connect opportunity?

Twitter Performance Fundamentals Badge Assessment

  • What are the two options for verifying your website tag? (select two)
  • Match the following attribution types to their correct definition.
  • Performance advertising on Twitter refers to digital ads that ask someone to:
  • Where would you see an option to break out conversions by conversion event name?
  • Creating several conversion events of the same conversion type can lead to:
  • True or False. Although a Twitter tag is a Twitter solution, it utilizes partner-provided cookie tracking.
  • Why is measurement such a critical component of performance advertising?
  • Twitter has a direct integration with which partner-provided measurement tool?
  • Since 2012, the amount of time spent browsing the internet on a mobile device has increased by over
  • Twitter’s App Re-engagement ads focus on:
  • _______________ refers to when someone on Twitter sees your Promoted Tweet and does not engage with it, but later visits your website and converts.
  • When __________ bidding is selected, your campaign will auto-optimize your bids to achieve a daily average cost per link click that meets or beats your target.
  • _______________ is a single code snippet placed across your entire website to track multiple site actions or conversions.
  • Most advertisers give click-through attribution credit; only some of them give:
  • What allows you to measure site visits without using cookies?
  • When verifying a website tag in Twitter Ads Manager, what are the three possible statuses you might encounter? (select all that apply)
  • What are the two types of Twitter Website Tags? (select two)
  • What are the website actions you can track using conversion tracking?
  • Setting up mobile app conversion tracking with one of our partners allows you to: (select all that apply)
  • What percentage of people on Twitter have made a mobile purchase within the last month?
  • App measurement is typically done via:
  • True or False. With App Install Ads, you have access to all Twitter social targeting and demographic targeting to find the right audience for your campaign.
  • What is an App Install Ad?
  • App Re-engagement campaigns help you: (select all that apply)
  • Using a ___________ enables you to track user conversions and tie them back to ad campaigns on Twitter.
  • _________ lets you run your ads across Managed Publisher MoPub inventory for premium apps.
  • For Website clicks campaigns, better performance is seen when the __________ is used for targeting.
  • ________ collect, organize, and standardize app data to deliver a uniform assessment of campaign performance metrics.
  • To set up a Mobile App Promotion campaign, you will need to:
  • On average, how many people abandon an app after just one session?
  • What is Marketing Mix Modeling?
  • When an advertiser has different measurement sources, each with slightly different definitions for attributing actions to advertising, the result can be:
  • What bidding strategy do Website Clicks campaigns use?
  • When setting up your Website Clicks campaign in Ads Manager, which Ad Group goal is recommended?
  • Performance advertisers care about:
  • A _______________ is created when the Twitter website tag has collected over 100 IDs of visitors from Twitter users.
  • What are the three bidding options available when creating a Website Clicks campaign in Ads Manager? (select three)
  • What should you do if your conversion events aren’t showing as tracking?
  • What are the two ways you can buy an App Installs campaign on Twitter? (select two)
  • Where can people see your performance ad campaigns on Twitter? (select all that apply)
  • What percentage of people access Twitter via mobile?
  • App Re-engagement campaigns target your ________ to drive even more conversions and loyalty.
  • There are two main ways performance advertisers measure on Twitter: (select two)
  • The allowable period between when someone viewed or clicked your ad and took action is called the:
  • The Twitter Ads system completes conversion attribution on your conversions based on:
  • Once you’ve set up a website tag, reporting for website conversion tracking is available in the _____________ within Twitter Ads Manager.
  • What are Twitter’s current performance advertising solutions? (select all that apply)
  • When __________ bidding is selected, your campaign will auto-optimize your bids to achieve a daily average cost per link click that meets or beats your target.
  • In Twitter Ads Manager’s performance dashboard, what are the values listed in the results columns tied to?
  • What is a post-engagement attribution window?
  • Where can you locate the DCM server to server solution?
  • ___________ allow you to further define your App Activity Custom Audience based on the frequency and recency of user actions.
  • Which ad formats can be used in Twitter’s performance ad campaigns? (select all that apply)
  • _________ is critical to performance-focused advertisers because they need to prove their advertising drives results.
  • For App Re-engagement campaigns, we recommend targeting:
  • True or False. With Website Clicks campaigns, you have access to all Twitter social and demographic targeting.
  • What does AMM stand for?
  • What are the two things you must do before creating an App Installs campaign? (select two)
  • What are the two types of attribution windows you can set for your campaign? (select two)
  • _________ are clickable images or videos that drive users directly to your website.
  • Conversion tracking for websites allows you to track:
  • When launching a new campaign, what is the period of time during which our systems try to find the best users for your ads? It typically lasts 3-5 days.
  • For apps to collate, organize, and standardize their data and deliver uniform metrics, you must integrate with a ________________.
  • When you log into Twitter Ads Manager, what is the default view?
  • _________ are created automatically when you link your app events with Twitter through your mobile measurement provider.

#TwitterFlightSchool Video Badge

  • In-Stream Video Ads are:
  • Clear logo placement can positively impact:
  • In-Stream Video Ads help advertisers to: (Select two.)
  • When creating content for First View, you should: (Select all that apply.)
  • True or False: Pre-roll ads are skippable after 6 seconds.
  • If your company wants to promote new running shoes with famous athletes, they should choose:
  • What is the best tool for driving sales that is directly within your control?
  • Each Promoted Trend is made up of which three components? (Select three.)
  • Match the following combined takeover products to their potential impacts.
  • Which type of In-Stream Video Ad would you choose for your sponsorship campaign if you wanted to connect with the audience of an awards show happening right now?
  • True or False: The Promoted Trend Spotlight adds a high-impact, full-bleed media Spotlight placement in the Trends section.
  • What types of events are brands choosing to highlight when going live on Twitter? (Select all that apply.)
  • When creating a new In-Stream Video Ad, what does “Brand Safety” inside targeting criteria allow you to do?
  • The Promoted Trend Spotlight adds a high-impact, full-bleed media Spotlight placement at the top of the ______.
  • In-Stream Video Sponsorships can be most effective for brands who: (Select three.)
  • For video Tweet content, match the questions to the ad component:
  • Which of these statements best describe First View? (Select all that apply.)
  • Twitter’s #BlueBrush team can help when _____. (Select three.)
  • Which statement about First View and Promoted Trend is true?
  • True or False: Promoted Trends can be purchased by multiple advertisers per geographic area, per day.
  • True or False: People on Twitter are watching more than 2 billion videos daily.
  • Which of the following are best practices when creating an In-Stream Video Ad? (Select all that apply.)
  • Why should you work with an influencer?
  • What are the locations where you might see a Promoted Video served?
  • First View campaigns can only be purchased through _____.
  • Advertisers should consider First View when they want to: (Select all that apply.)
  • True or False: Promoted Trend Description can be changed by advertisers throughout the day.
  • When will people on Twitter typically see a First View campaign in their timeline?
  • What are the three types of video formats you can choose for your Promoted Video Views campaign?
  • What are the three key factors to maximizing the effectiveness of your video ads on Twitter?
  • Match the following sponsorship types to the definitions.
  • What can help your audience make a connection within the first few seconds of watching your video?
  • Which Live Brand Studio product requires approval from the Twitter Brand Team?
  • Which two Twitter video ad formats allow your message to be one of the first things a person sees when they log on? (Select all that apply.)
  • What is one of the reasons brands are choosing to go live on Twitter?
  • What are the three purchasing options for an In-Stream Video Ad?
  • What is a Video Website Card?
  • Video ads on Twitter feel more relevant and less intrusive because:
  • Twitter Polls are best used when brands want to ______. (Select two.)
  • What is a Conversational Video Ad?
  • What are the three bid units available when creating a Promoted Video Views campaign?
  • Which of the following safeguards does Twitter employ to protect brand safety?
  • Creative matters because _____.
  • Match the best practices for good creative to the statements.
  • You may need Twitter’s #Optimization team when _____. (Select three.)
  • Twitter In-Stream Video Ads: (Select two.)
  • Which of the following statements about Promoted Trend Spotlight is correct?
  • True or False: You create a First View campaign by starting with the campaign objective.
  • Which Live Brand Studio product offers live, real-time analytics in Media Studio?
  • Match the sponsorship purchase methods to the descriptions.
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