There are hundreds of certifications for digital marketing professionals. But the list of industry-recognized and free marketing certifications is much shorter. Check this list of the best free certifications for marketers.

To become a top candidate for your next marketing job, certifications could give you an edge. Or supercharge your LinkedIn or company profile. This list of free marketing certifications will make your choice easier and show the ways to advance your career.

When I say free, I mean free. To meet this list requirements it should be free to enroll. And free to download your earned certificate. Also, no platform subscriptions or other hidden fees to access the certification course.

Is it even possible? Sure, check the list below.

1. HubSpot Academy Certifications

HubSpot academy is a worldwide known and popular training platform focused on Inbound marketing methodology.

HubSpot Academy currently offers 15 certifications available for everyone. Also, multiple lessons.

HubSpot training is video based. Over 36 hours of videos for 15 courses… With a very minimal interactivity. Me personally, I prefer having a freedom to choose watch videos or read. In my opinion videos tend to consume much more time than needed. But overall HubSpot exams are my first choice between beginner-to-medium level marketing certifications. They are much more accurate than Google, and they update them regularly. That makes the difference.

All HubSpot exams are free to take with just one little exception. HubSpot Marketing Software certification exam. You have to start a free Marketing pro trial to access it. That’s it. 

So, all you need to get all 15 certifications from HubSpot, is a free HubSpot account. You can create it easily with your email. Perfect.

Here is a list of all 15 HubSpot Certifications currently available in HubSpot Academy. Also, if you need some help with HubSpot certifications, check these HubSpot certification helper files.

  • HubSpot Inbound Certification
  • Inbound Marketing Certification
  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
  • HubSpot Contextual Marketing Certification
  • Email Marketing Certification
  • Social Media Certification
  • Inbound Sales Certification
  • HubSpot Sales Enablement Certification
  • Sales Software Certification
  • HubSpot Marketing Software Certification
  • HubSpot CMS for Developers Certification
  • Growth Driven Design Certification
  • Growth Driven Design Agency Certification
  • HubSpot Frictionless Sales Certification
  • Sales Management Training Certification

2. Google Ads Certifications

Google Ads, former known as Adwords, certification is a big part of Google Academy for Ads. All you need to access Google Academy for Ads is a Google Account you probably already have.

Google Ads exams are free to take. Also, there are multiple courses available in Google Academy for Ads and tons of support material. You can choose to follow interactive courses, or just read Google Ads support material to get answers to any aspect you could imagine. That’s what I like most about Google certifications.

But…. The exam quality is terrible. After the last update there are many Google-side errors. Simply you can’t pass the exam with 100% correct score if you don’t know where Google have made test formatting mistakes in the back-end. In addition, many outdated and misleading questions. Different correct answers to the same question in different programs. Different correct answers depending on which language you take the exam….. Well, being a Google fan, I hope they pay more attention to details building their other products…. Otherwise, it’s becoming scary.

 Need an example? Check No 40 in this Google Search Ads advertising live pass video below. I had to choose a wrong answer “False” to score 100% correct in this exam. But please note, that if you pass the same exam in other language, a correct answer is “True” to this question. As it should be. This is just an example to illustrate how annoying Google tests could be. There are more mistakes…  

Google Ads certification program contains 6 exams. Check these files if you need some help.

  • Google Ads Fundamentals Assessment
  • Google Ads Search Advertising Assessment
  • Display Advertising Assessment
  • Video Advertising Assessment
  • Mobile Advertising Assessment
  • Shopping Ads Assessment

also there are 2 more related certification exams

  • Google Mobile Sites Assessment
  • Google Digital Sales Assessment

3. YouTube Certifications

Could you imagine modern Digital Marketing with no video content? Guess, no.

Understanding how YouTube operates, advanced content ownership, copyright and monetization aspects is a valuable skill.

There are 5 YouTube related certification exams (not learning courses, but certifications). All of them are available in Google Academy for Ads. However they require an advanced understanding of YouTube features. Relatively difficult comparing to Google Ads or HubSpot exams. Helper files available here.

  • YouTube Asset Monetization Assessment
  • Channel Growth Assessment
  • YouTube Content Ownership Assessment
  • Creative Essentials Assessment
  • YouTube Music Assessment

also there is a related Google Academy assessment

  • Video for Brand Assessment

4. Google Marketing Platforms Certification

Another free certifications group available in Google Academy for Ads is Google Marketing Platforms certifications. Advanced stuff.

Google marketing platforms certifications show your advanced knowledge of Google platforms like Search Ads 360, Ad Manager. These exams require an advanced understanding and practical experience using Google marketing platforms. Sure, we have a solution to get certified easily.

Google Marketing Platforms category contains 4 advanced certification exams

  • Google Search Ads 360 Certification
  • Creative Certification
  • Display & Video 360 Certification
  • Google Campaign Manager

also I would add 2 related Google advanced exams available in Academy for Ads

  • Adsense Multiple Customer Management Exam
  • Ad Manager 360 Reseller Exam

5. Bing Ads Accreditation

Microsoft has a huge library of paid certifications for IT specialists. However, the only one which is free certification and orientated to marketers is Bing Ads Professional Accreditation.

All you need to access it is a Microsoft account. Free add-on to your resume.

It is relatively easy, but the question bank is huge and passing it could be quite time consuming. Also, learning material is limited comparing to HubSpot or Google certifications. A shortcut? Check it here.

A list one (you can do better Microsoft)

  • Bing Ads Accreditation

6. Google Analytics Individual Qualification

I thought Digital Marketing is something creative. Something like an art of communication. Well, now I should admit this “Art” is very data-based. 99% of your work as marketer will be working with various data segments. Mostly, from tools like Google Analytics. 

There are many Google Analytics related courses and assessments. However the only one which is really pure and free Google Analytics certification is Google Analytics Individual Qualification program available in Google Academy for Ads.

Known also as GAIQ.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam contains 70 questions, but there are much more possible questions. Every time you take the exam, you get random questions from a question bank.

A problem is, that the same as Google Ads exams, this certification contains Google-side errors. There are two T/F questions in which you have to select a wrong answer option to get a perfect 100% score… Oh Google…. Please note, that this is valid only for English version. Yes, if you take this exam in French or Spanish, there are no mistakes… So, better check this answer sheet if you want to pass the test with 100% correct score.

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

7. SEMrush Academy Exams

Love and marriage goes together like… Marketing and SEO.

Certification in SEO is a great add-on for marketing people. And SEMrush is one of SEO market leading companies offering not only a great SEO tool, but also Free certification exams. Available in SEMrush Academy.

They are relatively easy to pass, but many questions are based specifically on SEMrush tools. If you’re not using SEMrush tools everyday, consider taking a look at SEMrush certifications helper files to save your time.

Currently there are 10 SEMrush certification exams (exams not courses):

  • SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam
  • Content Marketing Toolkit Exam
  • SEMrush Advertising Toolkit Exam
  • SEMrush Affiliate Program Terms Exam !!! (yes, they managed to certificate their own affiliates)
  • Social Media Toolkit Exam
  • SEO Fundamentals Exam
  • SMM Fundamentals Exam
  • SEO Toolkit Exam for Advanced SEMrush
  • Technical SEO Exam
  • PPC Fundamentals Exam

8. Yandex Certification

If you really want to stand out of the crowd, get something others don’t have.

Yandex is one of the largest search engines and offers two free certification programs for marketing professionals – Yandex direct which is similar to Google Fundamentals, and Yandex Metrica, which is comparable with Google Analytics.

Both these exams are available in English and you can earn your individual certificate passing these 2 exams. However, if Russian is not your favorite language, you’ll be struggling finding relevant learning material. Check these helper files if you prefer getting certified before mastering Russian language.


  • Yandex.Direct certification exam
  • Yandex.Metrica certification exam

9. Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage certification program is a separate training platform from Google Academy for Ads and is available here.

Google Digital Garage covers Digital Marketing basics and is a great free certification for marketers. In order to get certified you have to earn 26 badges passing 26 quizzes (115 questions in total) and pass the final exam. 

Google Digital Garage is available in multiple languages. Modules are interactive and learning marketing basics is quite fun. Note that to unlock the final exam you need to pass all 26 modules. You can skip modules directly to quizzes once if you feel confident about the topic. 

  • Google Digital Garage Certification

10. Google Analytics Academy courses

Another one Google certification program separate from Google Academy for Ads. Starting to sound confusing, right?

Well, Google Analytics Academy currently contains 6 courses. So, you can earn 6 different achievements. However, Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam from Google Academy for Ads is still the main certification program concerning Google Analytics.

Check Analytics Academy helper files to succeed with this courses fast.

Analytics Academy courses by Google:

  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics for Power Users
  • Getting Started with Google Analytics 360
  • Introduction to Data Studio
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

And that’s it. Here is my list of the best free certification for marketers available in 2019. Sure there are more specific certifications worth mentioning such as Klipfolio certifications, Waze certification by Google, Google My Business assessment,Android entreprise certifications, and others. But they are more specific and not directly related to Digital Marketing.

Let me know in comments if you have in mind other free certifications for marketers with free individual certificate. Let’s get Certified!