What do past buyer's lists do in a dynamic remarketing campaign?

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Microsoft Advertising Dynamic Remarketing lists display the searcher’s ad with detailed products based on the products they have already seen, reflected, or acquired on your website.

There are broadly five categories of dynamic remarketing campaign audiences:

· Common visitors
· Those who searched product
· Those who viewed the product
· Those who abandoned shopping cart
· Those who made a purchase in the past

More specifically, past buyers are those reach users who have made a purchase from you in the past. There are high chances that these users can purchase from you again. They have the probability to purchase the same product again or another related product. Past buyers need to be considered because they might need ads to recall that they have done business with you before in the past.

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Dynamic remarketing lists are considered to be beneficial information coated to enhance your keyword-fueled marketing. If the past buyers are automatically added and you can successfully reach out to those people who have engaged with your website in the past, it can help you to boost your sales.

Past buyer lists make it easy to highlight those who buying intentions in the past and can also become potential buyers in the future. While running a dynamic remarketing campaign, the past buyer lists can help you to:

Increase the brand awareness among those who showed buying intention in the past. If a user has visited your website and searched for the products without making a final purchase, a simple reminder can help them to finalize the transaction and that is only possible if you have past buyers’ lists to consult.

Increased CTR (click-through rate) due to increased relevance of past buyers. Generally, the dynamic remarketing campaigns have increased rates of clicks as compared to the regular ads because they have a more personalized audience (those who have shown interest in the past are somehow, more likely to buy in the future).

Tailored for your goals because if you the lists of potential buyers, for instance, past blog visitors who made a purchase or those who visited but did not make a purchase, you can create customized strategies that fit your needs and end goal. It can assist you in designing meaningful and creative messages that hit your target audience in the best possible way.

More focused ads are generated if you have past buyers lists. For instance, if you are marketing sports goods, looking at the past buyer lists will assist you to generate more focused ads because you are not selling the sports goods to someone who likes sports rather you are selling your product to someone who has liked your product in the past and is very much familiar with your brand.

The more data you have to play with, the more focused and the point advertisement can be generated. Having the past data can help you with smart marketing tactics to boost sales.

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